Welcome to my Blog!

Primarily it will serve as an ad hoc journal for my birding, travels and photography, but also as a resource for identification topics. I hope you will find the content interesting, educational and entertaining and I welcome feedback on any of the topics discussed herein.

Please note – all  photographs were taken by me (unless otherwise noted) and all are copyrighted. Please refrain from using them without permission. Please contact me for rates if you require any for publication use.

Good birding,

Julian Hough

6 Responses to “Welcome to my Blog!”

  1. underclearskies Says:

    Nice one Julian. Looking forward to your ID stuff as long as it’s not all Gulls 😉 Maybe better gulls than geese though!

  2. Steve Mayo Says:

    ‘Wonderful blog. Great Gull photos! And, a great photo in 1990; let me guess, you are about 13 years old at the time?

  3. Douglas Koch Says:

    Julian, was on the RI pelagic 3/19 and enjoyed your blog. Hope to run into you again.

  4. simon smethurst Says:

    Dude, just joined your blog. Nice site! Just gearing up to go to the Shetlands in x6 weeks, so any surplus warblers and buntings that you have over there would be very welcome if you could send them over to us in the UK.

  5. Charliecoy Says:

    Amazing photography,Unbelivable naturescapes

  6. BlakemoreBaylor Says:

    Awesome Photography.

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