My name is Julian Hough and I am originally from England, although I now reside in New Haven, Connecticut, USA with my son Alex. (Photo Doug Gochfeld)

My passion for birds led to extensive travel to far-flung corners of the globe, that has included extended periods in India, Nepal, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and most recently Central and South America. My penchant for American birding was nurtured and inspired by extended halycon periods in Cape May, New Jersey from 1987-1995.

I have been photographing birds for two decades and my current gear consists of a 400mm 5.6 Lens & a Canon 7D MKII digital DSLR. Many of my images have been published in books & magazines across Europe and North America including Birding World, Birdwatch, Birding and many other periodicals.

Naturescape Images incorporates my work as a nature writer, photographer, Illustrator and graphic designer. As a widely published artist and writer, my work has been featured in many books.

I currently serve on the Avian Records Committee of CT (ARCC)

4 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Pete Thayer Says:

    Hi Julian,
    About 20 years ago we bought 15 of your images for our birding software. We are now almost ready to launch a huge project offering free online bird quizzes. ( > Quizzes) I would like your permission to use the 15 photos of yours that we already have in this new online program. Thanks for your consideration.
    Pete Thayer 800-865-2473

  2. Steven McGinley Says:

    Hi Julian. I just came across your snowy owl page while looking at Google images search for secondary feathers search. To my shock you’re one of the few that has actually done their homework. In the determining sex, it is very well written with all the sources included. It was refreshing to see such concise and accurate information.

    • julianhough Says:

      Steve, what a lovely note! I’m interested in those birds and I’m in the middle of making a short video to touch on it too for fun!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write!

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