Going Bonkers in Britain!

Typical… a mega turns up the week I fly back to the USA…….first twitchable mainland White-throated Robin, 3rd UK record turns up on the north-east coast in Cleveland.
This blocker was feeding in the fabled Dr’s Garden (host to many a rarity in the past) on Hartlepool headland. The main problem was the 8 foot wall blocking views….well, maybe not so much of a problem…..check out the shenanigans..
My mate twitched it from Bolton, and after driving 2 hours and paying a local builder $3 to use a ladder, bagged the beauty as it was feeding out on the lawn in the evening sun while the owner cooked sausages on the BBQ!
Originally caught and banded in the morning, it was initially thought to be a Red-flanked Bluetail before the bander took a pause and realised what he had in his hand. Cue pandemonium and coronary.
Anyway, trying to catch up on events at home but will post soon on a recent trip to the UK and some nice images of northbound shorebirds congregating locally…watch this space.

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