Back from Blighty!

Catching up!……

Back from a cold, blustery and wet trip to the UK (is there any other kind?) to see the ‘owd folks (more on that later) and am basking in glorious sunshine like a lizard on a hot rock (but slightly better-looking, though some may disagree).

A quick sojourn down to the local patch saw a healthy number of terns settling down to nest and a nice tight group of ‘peeps’ wheeling about at the end of the point.

A nice spring gathering of peeps..mostly Semi-ps, but can you spot the Dunlin and the Sanderling?

Working my way slowly on my belly onto the flats, I spent a wonderful hour surrounded by Semi-p Sands and a healthy number of White-rumped’s (5+), twittering away. When agitated the White-rumped’s were noted giving a peculiar call, best described like a “fishing reel” letting out it’s line..very electric and different from the single “zit” they often give.

Without warning they would often get up and fly around, passing within inches of my head, before settling back to the same spot. At one point I was surrounded by Semi-ps – truly magical!

I managed to get some decent shots before the light faded…

Dunlin - subtley different from it's Old World counterparts, notably in the strength of the rufous underparts

Adult White-rumped Sandpiper



2 Responses to “Back from Blighty!”

  1. Andrew Baksh Says:

    In your image of peeps, the Dunlin is just before the upper right corner. One could make out the black belly and size difference.

    The Sanderling, is little tougher, but I think it is also in the right corner of the image. I focused on birds closer to the shore and I think it is one feeding, with the face partially blocked by another peep.

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