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Not seeing the kumlieni for the hyperboreus- an id. put to rest

December 24, 2013

A first-year white-winged gull turned up last year at Long Beach, Stratford, CT It was well photographed and identified by various observers as a Glaucous Gull, then perhaps a hybrid. However, the pix show a bird that fits with kumlieni, albeit a very big one! I had mentioned my opinion at the time, but the bird continued to be discussed ad nauseum with some observers believing the bird to possibly be a hybrid, an opinion I was at odds with since there didn’t seem to be any hybrid characters. Although it returned this winter, it was still reported as a Glaucous Gull despite it having dark-washed primaries, a feature never shown by hyperboreus.

After a careful analysis of the photos, I concluded the pro-Glaucous features to be:

  • It was big!

The pro-kumlieni features to be:

  • It didn’t look like a Glaucous Gull!

Thankfully, it returned this winter in it’s second-winter plumage sporting the expected dusky webs to the outer primaries diagnostic of kumlieni. The bird’s large size was apparent, but not outside the range of kumlieni and I think many observers got too hung up on size and didn’t really assess the bird’s plumage features which, as shown are perfectly kumlieni.


Note the rather slim body and pointed wings and proportionately large eye. The solid, dusky tail and dusky outer webs to the outer primaries are diagnostic of kumlieni. The large mirror on P10 is visible in the enlarged version._MG_5424