Naturally Adventurous – a podcast with Ken Behrens & Charley Hesse

Sharing this excellent podcast series since some subscribers to my blog may not see my Facebook posts.

Ken Behrens and Charley Hesse will be well-known to many. As well-travelled and respected birders and professional guides they have compiled some great adventures for your auditory pleasure. Laid back and conversational in tone, it gives some insight into the trials and tribulations encountered in the quest to see some of the world’s most enigmatic birds and mammals. Many of us have found ourselves on that knife-edge of bravery vs stupidity in the quest for the ultimate natural experience. Finally a podcast by birders for birders. I heartily recommend you give them a listen.

Click here for Episodes

They also recently invited me on to tell some travel stories from my birding trips, which was a three-part interview because I can make short stories long. Lmao!–Ken-welcome-Julian-Hough-to-the-show-esvvc7–Ken-welcome-Julian-Hough-back-to-the-show-ethfmt–Ken-welcome-Julian-Hough-back-to-the-show-eu30d9

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