Urban Birding-Nikon Style

Dusted off my Nikon Monarchs and my scope and planned to take Alex and his friends, Christian and Kevin on an urban guerilla birding outing to bag Bald Eagle and Peregrine within New Haven city limits.

First stop though was my street where I had found a roosting Yellow-crowned Night Heron – one of a nesting pair, initially spotted by my neighbors, and perhaps the only known breeding pair in New Haven.

P1000748 (1024x768)

P1000750 (768x1024)

Yellow-crowned Night Heron….check!

P1000752 (768x1024)

Next stop was on the edge of the Quinnipiac Marshes where some Bald Eagles had been roosting during the winter. Although I had missed them on previous visits, this time we were in luck!

P1000755 (1024x768)

Bald Eagle…check!

Next it was off to the local Peregrines on East Rock. Alex had become enthralled with Peregrine after watching the “Wild Kratts” show on PBS Kids.


 Peregrine…well and duly checked!

P1000764 (1024x768)

The birds put on a great show and the kids were thrilled, especially when the male passed by Alex and I doing about 85mph in a stoop..phenomenal!

erock_fempr copy

The female..a huge bird, originally reared in NJ

osprey_grin Last year this unsuspecting Osprey passed close-by..too close I guess and she flew out grabbed it and hung it upside down!


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