From the Archives..on this day in 1984!

While birding is at a slow-ebb, I thought I’d post a page out of my journal from this day back in 1984 when i was a rabid twitcher at the naive age of 16.

Sociable Plover, London, March 1984 (Julian Hough, age 16)
(click for larger image)

This crippling Sociable Plover (or Sociable lapwing as it is often called) was present on the London/Kent, UK  border. In those pre-mobile, pre-internet days, word of such megas was spread by the telephone grapevine. This bird had been present the week before, unbeknownst to us, as we drove past it on the way back from seeing another top-class vagrant at the time, a confiding female Little Crake in Sussex. So, the following week we had to drive the 4 1/2 hours back down but had superb views of this bird as it foraged in a small grassy area. Still a rare bird, I have seen a few more in the UK, but always a classy vagrant.


One Response to “From the Archives..on this day in 1984!”

  1. notdennis51 Says:

    I saw the same bird and the crake. I’ve been writing up my birding exploits on my blog if you get bored and want to read something. I used to be in Notts but now I’m in Quebec, not much of a twitching scene here really.
    Mark Dennis

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