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I was going through some images and found these of THE mega gull. I’ve seen a few in the UK but have yet to connect in the US.  CT has a record, coincidentally not fifteen minutes from my current house. An adult in basic plumage in West Haven, 11-22 April 1984. Found and identified by D. Varza and R. Schwartz.


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  1. Simon Smethurst (UK birder) Says:

    Hey dude, as usual with your visits to see us guys in the UK, you were so lucky with that one. Every time you come over there’s a decent bird turns up on patch. I’m going to start getting customs to check your luggage! I was very lucky one lunch hour on the same boating lake. I dropped by to look for a wintering Ferruginous Duck and on lifting my bins to scan the lake nearly died of a heart attack, when the first bird I locked on to was an adult Ivory Gull about 20yards off shore. At one stage, the Fudge Duck was in the same frame! Nice.

    • julianhough Says:

      Hey Si..thanks for the comments…been a tad slow here and been occupied with family etc. Adult Ivory Gull is one plumage I’ve yet to see, despite a few near misses – it’s something of a bogey…seen several first-winters!

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