Lighthouse Guided Walk, 8th October – Reminder

Northern Harrier..always great to see powering past the hawkwatch

With fall migration well underway, hawks are taking center stage and there are few better places in New England than Lighthouse Point to catch some hooky-beaks! Throw in some incredible diurnal movements of passerines and warblers and it’s one of THE hot-spots to visit.

My 2-hour visit this past Saturday revealed good numbers of Cooper’s (c.40), Sharp-shinned (50+), Broad-winged Hawk (3), ad. Bald Eagle (1), Northern Harrier (2), Peregrine (1) and several American Kestrels…and a stunning Connecticut Warbler and a scarce White-eyed Vireo, among other things in the woods.

Come join me on our regular walk, and learn some of the finer points of hawk identification and in-flight identification of passerines. Register Online:

It’s time to grab your bins and get out with the Sunrise crew!

A 'river' of 1000s of icterids passing over the point - a typical spectacle in October!

Male 'Taiga' Merlin..often ever-present in fall!


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