1st October – Lighthouse Point

Overcast with wind out of the north bode well for birds and I headed out to Lighthouse Point to go migrant hunting. I decided to check the edge of the woods by the entrance, my so-called “hot corner”. I walked into the wood to try to id. an empid I had seen as I parked the car, when I caught a glimpse of a bird near the leaf litter.  BAM! –  found myself shockingly looking at  bird that had a more surprised look on its face than me – CONNECTICUT!!

Get a load of that eyering- Connecticut Warbler, Lighthouse Point, New Haven, CT (Click for larger image)

Only my 2nd in the state, it was only 4 ft away and just sat there motionless. After watching it for a few minutes, I ran back to the car to retrieve my camera. The bird was still there, walking around like they do, when a low-flying sharpie caused it to rocket into the canopy. Despite the grim weather and no light, I managed a few record shots in the gloom by setting my ISO to the “really, are you kidding” setting. Cool bird!

Typical view of an oporonis

A few great looks at Blackpoll, Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, plus lots of sharpies, Coops, an adult Bald Eagle, Peregrine, a few Broad-wings as well as gobs of Blue Jays made for an enjoyable morning.

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