Lots of good shorebirding to be had now in the state. Here’s  a couple of shots to test your fieldskills.


what species do you see here?


what species and what age?

another view of the bird above


and one more for good measure...species and age?


4 Responses to “Shorebirds”

  1. Mike Hodgkin Says:

    1. Looks like mainly Western Sands to me, but I think also Semi-p & is that a Least front Left?
    2. Western Sand
    3. Semi-p

    Mike H

  2. julianhough Says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for the comments…you were 99% right, except most of the birds in Pic#1 were Semi’s, with the Leasty as you noticed, but also a nice Western slap-bang in the middle.

  3. charbird Says:

    Always enjoy your blog Julian , especially the instructional aspect .
    And great shots of the ever elusive CT Warbler (especially here in CT).

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