“Next time you’ll remember what “tertials” are!”

not REALLY the way it went down.  When Alex appeared with blood on his face, I asked him what happened, he replied “Lacey bit me, but I’m OK!” Quite calm (I’m talking about me now!),  I took him to the bathroom to clean him up meanwhile contemplating how I was going to tell the wife our new dog was going to the knackers yard after only a few weeks.

I asked him calmly what happened,  “Well, I was hitting her in the nose with the blue elephant and she went “chomp”..”
So, a casualty of war and a victim of an innocent Bulldog uppercut rather than a bite it seems. Thankfully just a  learning lesson this time, no harm, no foul.

“Come on , man, look at this face…would I harm the kid? It takes work looking this cute when you’re being beaten with a blue elephant all day long. It’s all fun ’til someone gets hurt isn’t it and then it’s “blame the dog”. And where were you?? On the computer again messing with your photos and writing your stupid blog no doubt.”


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