Long-toed Strandlaufer in Germany

Ultra rare in Europe and the lower 48, Long-toed Stint has long been on my “rarities I’d like to find” list. Definitely a tricky bird to id. and not likely to be unearthed unless you are clued in up-front. These photos of this vagrant adult in Germany in June are educational and is more likely to be confused with Least Sandpiper rather than a Little Stint


Although this bird shows the typical Long-toed head pattern, it lacks an obvious pale base to the bill shown by many. Compared to Least note: (in some photos) the gallinaceous-like middle toe (longer than the bill); dark centred wingcoverts that  bisect the fringes; the edges to the inner greater coverts and tertials are straight-edged, not scalloped and note the rather prominent dark ear spot (also shown by some Least to some extent).

Cool bird!!


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