“Yours is Here!” Dhell Part Deux

“Yours is Here! 

Well, mine arrived alright. That slogan is more a warning than a welcome!

My replacement refurb monitor arrived in a corrugated box with no cables, no paperwork, just a couple of pieces of polystyrene for protection. Throw in a scratched stand and a buggered piece of frame and it was a far-cry from the promised “refurb means basically new”. What a joke!


I packed that sucker up, reamed some customer service dude in Rajasthan and am apparently getting a brand new one.

Tune- in soon  for my next whining rant, sorry installment.


2 Responses to ““Yours is Here!” Dhell Part Deux”

  1. Nick Bonomo Says:

    Julian, I normally ignore those pesky chain emails that sometimes appear in my Inbox, but one yesterday claimed that one can always request a customer service agent from the USA when in that position. The chain letter states that it’s actually a law. Those things are rarely factual but maybe it’s worth a shot next time.

    Now I’ve got to get off my Malaysian-made laptop and get in my Japanese car to go home and eat some leftover Chinese food.

  2. julianhough Says:

    Ha, Ha…too funny! I tried that but they told me that they all have access to the same tools. With a bit of persistence, it seems that all may work out..we’ll see in a few days!

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