To Dhell and back!

Went to process some images of some night herons for a post and found my new (relatively) black, sleek and shiny 24″ flat screen Dell monitor unresponsive. Checked the plugs, checked the outlets, swapped the cord…nada!  Motherfather! The thing was dead as a door nail!

After 1/2 hour of rooting like a pig for truffles I finally unearthed my documentation and called Dell to arrange for a new monitor to be sent out. After all, it was only 3 months old and not even dust had time to settle! After circumventing the Indian Subcontinent, I finally got through to Sahir who, after hearing my succinct synopsis of my dire viewing issues, agreed to send me out another monitor, a refurbished unit, straight away. Easy, peasy, awesome…bu..wait a minute, refurbished????  oh! no, he  didn’t! Oh yes, he did. I bought a brand new monitor, it’s still under warranty and so I informed him I would like another ‘new’ one.

“That will not be possible, Sir.”

“Oh, you are out of new ones, then?”

“No, we have new ones, but since it’s beyond 21 days, our policy is to issue replacements that are refurbished, not new models”.

“But I didn’t buy a refurbished one (well actually, it seems that I paid top dollar for a refurbished one in this case). Since it’s refurbished, what discount do I get off the replacement and will my warranty kick in when I get my new model?”

“No discount, Sir…and your warranty will transfer from the original model. Refurbished means that someone returned the item unused because they didn’t like the color, or the box was unopened. We have to sell those as ‘refurbished”, but they go through all the testing and quality assurance as new models.”

Hmm, tell that to the guy who got a ‘quality assured’ refurb that had the stand bent at 90 degrees, or the dude that received one with chips and cracks on the frame! Imagine taking your new car back to the dealer for a problem and getting it back with bald tyres and a scratched paint job!

So, because my monitor didn’t do the honourable thing, apparently the fine print of my Dell warranty states the above and I am SOL! It is what it is. So, just to let people know if they have to send something back like the above, be prepared…you get a refurbished model for “new” and the warranty on your replacement is only good for the amount of time you had left on the original.

Tip – check your credit card for their extended warranty programs. If you buy the whole product with your card and provide necessary documentation of proof of purchase they tack on an additional year of coverage to the manufacturers warranty. They will pay for your repairs once they have approved your purchase conforms to their policy. Check it out, it may work out for you rather than paying for an extended warranty from the computer company.

Anyway, watch this space to see what happens and hopefully some night heron pix!!


2 Responses to “To Dhell and back!”

  1. Nick Bonomo Says:

    That’s too bad Ju. That would have me fuming. I’m currently typing on my 4 year-old Dell laptop which has never given me a single problem yet…which I consider pretty good for a unit I’m always carrying in my backpack and have beaten up a bit over the years. Sounds like I’m lucky I haven’t had to deal with their customer service department…

    Good luck with the replacement.

  2. julianhoughulian Hough Says:

    I have a Dell laptop, Dell desktop..all great stuff if you don’t have anything go wrong it seems!

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