12th June – Goin’ with the Flo!

Up at 6:45am, not because I wanted to be, but because my 4 year old decided that using my crown jewels as a trampoline was an appropriate way to say,”Good morning!” I hobbled into the kitchen in a semi-fetal position and after a coffee and a quick bowl of cereal, threw on my running duds and drove to Sandy Point. I finished my run and when I got into the car, I noticed several voicemails on my cellphone. It was still only 8-ish but since I had arranged to meet my wife and son for breakfast at a nearby diner,  I figured it was from them. The first message, from Frank Gallo, was the same as the following two.. “Anhinga at Lake Whitney, now!” 

There’s only four or five state records, and none have been twitchable, so one ‘down’ on a lake was a rare treat to see this elusive overshoot…..especially as it’s only a  15 minute drive (as the Anhinga flies) from my house.

A quick call to ‘er indoors to try to delay breakfast, or at least change the location to Lake Whitney, wasn’t going to fly, especially if anyone knows my wife and her relationship to hunger. I decided that the rainy weather and the fact that the bird seemed settled meant that it was a battle I needn’t fight and it would probably stick.

45 minutes later, I pulled up onto the bridge and joined several locals watching the male Anhinga drying it’s wings on the far side of the lake. Distant, the views were rather uninspiring, but nonetheless an unusual sight in the state. It was found by local birder, Flo McBride whilst completing a Summer Bird Count. Given the distance, it was a really good find!!!

There was also a sense of Deja Vu –  the last time I was stood in this spot, I was looking at a breeding Red Phalarope..also found by Flo one rainy May day! Great Stuff!

Here's what they look like in Florida

Here's what they normally look like when seen in Connecticut



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