30th May – The Posse hits Spurn!

A full day out at one of my favourite migrant traps in the UK – Spurn point, home to many a mega! A car-full of the lads descended on Spurn, which was having one of its best springs ever for rares and passage birds.

The Magnificent Seven (minus three)..or is it the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Ugly?? Si, John, Richard and myself, Spurn. Same enthusiasm, just less hair and larger pant sizes than the old days! Click to enlarge (if you really need to!)

The point was rather quiet since the wind was brisk, though it remained thankfully dry for the most part. Spurn can be feast or famine, and doing some ‘vis-mig’ (visible migration) at the Warren made it evident little was moving..a few small ‘pods’ of Common Swifts heading south, but ‘nowt else. Ian, one of the regulars, kindly brewed up for our group while I caught up with an old pal, Martin Garner. Martin and I birded decades ago in the UK and he writes an enjoyable and educational blog that you should check out: www.birdingfrontiers.com

 Today we begged a few morsels in the shape of a stunning female Red-necked Phalarope that flew into beacon Ponds while we watched the Little Stints and Ringed Plovers. John Hewitt, an old Yorkshire  birding acquaintance and i were catching up when he picked it up flying in..cool!

A fly-by Little Egret and two Whimbrels were the other birds of note. Last day today, off back to the States tomorrow.


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3 Responses to “30th May – The Posse hits Spurn!”

  1. Nick Bonomo Says:

    Post some stint/plover shots if you’ve got em!

  2. Simone Farrugia Meiszner Says:

    Lovely blog and some lovely stories. Thanks

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