7th May- Walker’s Pond, CT

A relaxing wander around the pond produced good looks at several warblers; BT Green, BT Blue, Chestnut-sided, Ovenbird, Magnolia, Parula, Red-eyed Vireo, Yellow-rumped, Yellow, Ovenbird, several confiding Black ‘n Whites and a super-showy, eye-level Blackpoll!

One Yellow-rumped – possibly a first cycle bird showing brownish remiges. Many often show a moult ‘step’ in the greater coverts too (inner greater covert feathers are new, adult-like feathers and are longer than the worn and retained outer coverts). However, in Yellow-rumpeds, Howell (2010) notes that both adult and first-summer Yellow-rumped’s can show this pattern so it’s not as helpful as an ageing character as it is in other species.

A couple of the Black ‘n Whites were feeding in the leaf litter allowing frame-filling looks, including one first-cycle/first-summer bird (missing half a tail). Note the brown primaries and greater primary coverts (retained juvenile feathers) contrasting with the greater coverts. Also, note the new, rounded blackish tail feathers coming in on the right side which contrast with the worn, retained feathers on the left – this pattern seems to suggest the bird is replacing¬† lost/damaged feathers.

Male Black 'n White


2 Responses to “7th May- Walker’s Pond, CT”

  1. Vincent Mistretta Says:

    Nice pictures. What lens were you using and how close were these taken? I might head up to Walkers Pond and want to know whether I need my big glass (600 f/4).

    • julianhough Says:


      Taken with a 400 5.6, handheld, no flash..they were tough to get shots of but with patience I got a couple of grab shots. 600 would be difficult to move around with! Good luck and thanks for the comment.

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