Oldsquaws ++++

In need of a bird injection, and to escape the prospect of actually cleaning the house and other irrelevant duties, I headed for a short jaunt along the West Haven coast. I opted for Woodmont in case any early staging Boney’s were around (they weren’t).

Looking out from Woodmont and Oldsquaw galore

When I got there quite a few birds were offshore. Whipping out the scope, lots of Brants were sitting offshore, being buzzed by small flocks of breeding Oldsquaws moving west. Within 20 minutes I had nearly 400 of the little buggers…all resplendent in summer garb flicking past in a determined manner. Mixed in were American Wigeon, a small flock of Surf Scoters, RB Mergs, a loafing raft of Greater Scaup, a couple of hulking Common Loons and three lightweight Red-throated Loons.

Oyster River, the typical place to find loafing Bonaparte’s Gulls, didn’t produce the goods but I wasn’t expecting any due to the absence of any birds passing off the coast during my short watch from Woodmont. It is still early, but the next few weeks should see a notable increase and a chance of Little Gull. Watch this space!

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