Panama Anyone?

PANAMA  August 30 – September 9, 2011

Canopy Tower, Panama (Gina Nichol/Steve Bird)

Are you sitting at home in the frigid North-east?

Are you fed-up of all the snow, snow and more snow?

Now is the perfect time to think about escaping to a more tropical, bird-filled climate!

Come join Sunrise Birding and myself on a fabulous, brim-filled,
retina-wreckin’, bird-busting trip to Panama this fall!!

After an incredibly successful 2010 tour, Sunrise Birding is pleased to offer this fabulous combination of Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge August 30 – September 9, 2011.  The itinerary is tried and true, customized for our group and the cost cannot be beat!  Centered around the famous Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, it promises to be a comfortable and spectacular trip to some of Panama’s best birding areas.

You need Harpy Eagle, don’t you? What could be a bad day for a monkey, could be a good day for us. There is a good chance for this highly-sought-after bird and if we see one, I’m buying the beers!

Blue Cotinga...can you say Retina-wrecker!!! (Carlos Bethancourt)

Our two center tour takes in two world famous birding hotspots in Panama . We start the tour with five nights at Canopy Tower, a converted radar station that is now a unique lodge that offers unrivalled views of the tree tops where sought after species that are often hard to find can be literally at eye-level. We also have a good chance for several mammals including Western Night Monkey and Geoffroy’s Tamarin.

The second part of the tour includes five nights at the charming Canopy Lodge, a beautiful accommodation set beside a tumbling stream and surrounded by tropical forest. Within a short distance we can explore prime forest , Pacific coast shoreline, wetlands  and several higher altitude areas where there are many different and exciting species to be seen. All in all this tour offers the perfect combination of two very different lodges with just the right amount of time spent in each to build a good list of birds and appreciate   the wealth of wildlife that Central Panama has to offer.

Check out the website for more details of this mouth-watering bird extravaganza:

And check out this link for a detailed itinerary and trip report:

Leaders: Carlos Bethancourt & Julian Hough (with 6 or more clients)


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